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Comedy Sketch Series

A variety of CollegeHumor original sketches and digital shorts,

delivered weekly to over 13 million YouTube subscribers.

Cyber (Sex) Monday
You Weren’t Supposed To See that Photo | Hardly Working
You're All a Bunch of Phone Zombies | Hardly Working
Defender of the Basic | Hardly Working
Health Science Is Bullsh*t
This Guy Is Cooler Than You | Hardly Working
When Spelling It Out Gets Tricky
Who Gets the Cool Gun? | CH Shorts
Mary Poppins for Adults
Obsessive Boyfriends Are SO Romantic!
Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?
ABC CEO: "No More Racist Shows" | CH Shorts
Infinity War of Infinite Avengers | CH Shorts
Male Friendships are Just Bullying
The School Library Computer Game Collection
Running Into Your Ex | CH Shorts
Every Wedding Speech Ever | CH Shorts
You Deserve a Nobel Prize |  CH Shorts
Thank You For Doing All the Work
I Wish I Were Gay | Hardly Working
Wow, Nobody Tells Me Anything
Ugh, Political Comedy is the Worst
Gimmick Workouts Aren't Real Exercise | Hardly Working
You've NEVER Seen Star Wars?!
When You Don't Get Nerdy References | Hardly Working
Disagreeing Doesn’t Make You Smart
This Twisted Freak LIKES Halloween
Obscure Christmas Songs | Hardly Working
The Friend Who Loves Christmas Too Much
Gifts That Are Clearly for Yourself | Hardly Working
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